Aid and Development

At Earth Systems, we utilize our specialist technical knowledge and two decades of international experience to provide first-rate environmental and social consulting services to development banks, aid agencies, non-governmental organisations and developing country government authorities. We aim to provide sustainable solutions that are technically sound, appropriate and implementable in the local context.

Through our offices in Australia and network of international offices in China, Lao PDR, Senegal, UK, Cambodia and Canada, our in-house staff and associates have worked around the globe and, as a result, have a solid understanding of the environment and development challenges facing communities around the world in developing and least developed countries. We have particular expertise in the Asia Pacific region, where we have achieved a long and successful track record in this area.

We partner with a range of clients, including AusAID, the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and the United Nations to support sustainable development in emerging economies in Asia, the Pacific and West Africa. These partnerships benefit from Earth Systems experience in growth sectors such as extractive industries and energy, and our strong relationships with the private sector, national governments and research institutions.

Services Provided

In addition to developing planning documents, we have supported implementation of resettlement, livelihood restoration and general environmental management plans. As a result, we are familiar with the issues and challenges that can arise during implementation, and are able to incorporate this insight into planning documents.

Earth Systems has extensive experience in socio-economic surveying and participatory rural appraisal techniques. We have successfully built teams that combine international expertise with local knowledge to gain an in-depth understanding of the local situation wherever we are working. This allows us to achieve the best possible outcome – practical, appropriate and implementable strategies.

Earth Systems brings our specialist knowledge in other environmental disciplines (e.g. water quality, supply and sanitation, solid waste management, forest resource use, conservation and management; mining and energy) to the projects that we implement in the Aid and Development sector.

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