With some two decades of extensive worldwide project experience in the resource development sector, Earth Systems understands the needs of mining companies operating in both developed countries and developing countries.

We have experience working with virtually all commodities and provide specialist consulting services to address environmental and social issues during all phases of mine life – from exploration, prefeasibility and feasibility stages through construction and operation to rehabilitation and closure and post-closure management and monitoring. We recognise the increasing importance of having environmental and social input during the earliest stages of project development – and our experience indicates that factoring management of environmental and social impacts into project design can effectively decrease risks and mitigation costs over the life of the project and lead to local community and Government support for the project.

We have specialist expertise in mine-site water quality management, environmental and social impact assessment, baseline and compliance monitoring and general environmental management. Earth Systems is highly regarded in the mining industry for our skills and expertise in preventing, treating and managing Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD). Through our network of offices around the world we offer a range of services to the mining sector.

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