Acid Drainage

ABATES: Acid-Base Accounting Tool

ABATES is a spreadsheet-based (Excel™) tool to assist with minesite water quality management.

ABATES can estimate charge balance, total acidity, total acid load and NAPP equivalent.

Download the latest ABATES tool here ABATES v1.4

AMDact: Acid and Metalliferous Drainage Assessment and Classification Tool

AMDact is a spreadsheet-based (Excel™) tool that uses the results from commonly performed static test work and geochemical analyses (e.g. NAPP, NAG, ANC, APP, MPA, Total Sulfur), to provide an assessment of the potential AMD risk. Samples are classified into one of 8 categories of potential to generate acid:

  • High Potential for Acid Generation
  • Moderate / High Potential for Acid Generation
  • Moderate Potential for Acid Generation
  • Low Potential for Acid Generation
  • Unlikely to be Acid Generating
  • Likely to be Acid Consuming
  • Inconsistent data (conflicting data)
  • Unclassifiable (insufficient data)

Assessments and classifications are based on threshold values developed over years of experience assessing ABA data.

Please be aware that this spreadsheet contains macros and these need to be enabled for AMDact to run.

There are currently two versions of AMDact. Version 1.0 performs assessment and classifications on single data samples, while Version 2.0 performs batch assessments on data tabulated within Excel™ spreadsheets. Version 1.0 is available free to download.

AMDact is being finalised at present, and will be available in the near future. To receive further information on AMDact, please contact us at

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