Acid-Base Accounting Tool

Acid-Base Accounting Tool
123The in-house developed tools and resources available for download from this page are provided for water quality and acid base accounting estimation purposes only. By downloading and using these tools the user acknowledges and understands the limitations and assumptions made and will not use the data as an alternative to conventional analytical procedures.
Earth Systems recommends that you contact a specialist in the relevant fields to confirm the estimations based on the output of these tools for process critical decisions.
ABATES: Acid-Base Accounting Tool
ABATES is a spreadsheet-based (Excel™) tool to assist with mine site water quality management.
Based on the mineralogical data and water chemistry data, ABATES can estimate charge balance, total acidity, total acid load and Net Acidity Producing Potential (NAPP) equivalent, which can assist the characterization and management of water quality issues associated with Acid Rock Drainage (ARD).





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