Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

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Earth Systems impact assessment expertise includes the management of multi-disciplinary teams and bringing together a range of international and local experts to prepare international standard environmental and social impact assessments that meet national regulatory and, if required, investment bank requirements for project permitting.

Our approach is to work closely with clients and project engineers during prefeasibility and feasibility stages to ensure that environmental and social considerations are fully integrated into project design. This effectively reduces long term environmental and social costs, and minimises reputational risks.

Earth Systems has ESIA project experience in the mining, energy, transport and waste management sectors in Australia, Asia Pacific, South America and Africa.

Services Provided

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Health Impact Assessment
  • Baseline Studies:
  • Groundwater / Surface Water Quality
  • Hydrology
  • Noise
  • Air Quality
  • Terrestrial Biodiversity
  • Aquatic Biodiversity and Fisheries
  • Management Planning:
  • Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plans
  • Land Acquisition and Resettlement Action Plans
  • Income Restoration and Livelihood Restoration Plans
  • Indigenous Peoples Development Plans
  • Gender Development Plans
  • GIS and remote sensing
  • Public consultation and disclosure
  • Rehabilitation and closure
  • Non-Invasive Subsurface Mapping
  • Comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential environmental liabilities/risks
  • Independent review of environmental impact assessment reports and technical studies

Representative Experience

Recent projects include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment for the Phu Kham Copper-Gold Project, Lao PDR.
  • Scoping Study for the Anthony Molybdenum Project, Australia.
  • Environmental and Social Assessment and Resettlement Action Plan for Grande Cote Mineral Sands Project, Senegal.
  • Due Diligence Review for Hongsa Mine Mouth Power Project using IFC standards, Lao PDR.
  • Baseline Environmental Assessment for the Xiaosongshan Nickel Exploration Project, China.
  • UNDP funded Socio-economic Impact Assessment for a 35,000 hectare eucalypt plantation, Lao PDR.
  • ADB funded Cumulative Impact Assessment for the Nam Ngum 3 Hydropower Project, Lao PDR.
  • Rehabilitation Assessment and Plan for Murray Basin Stage 2 Project, Australia.





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