Ms. Sophie Pape

B.E. (Hons), B.Sc.

Principal Environmental Engineer


Sophie Pape holds the position of Principal Environmental Engineer with Earth Systems.  In this position she has dealt with water and waste management, environmental management plans, impact assessments and site rehabilitation planning. Sophie has experience working with government, private industry and the development sector.


Education and Affiliations

Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours) – Melbourne University, VIC, 2001.

Bachelor of Science – Melbourne University, VIC, 2001.

Stormwater Management (Source Control) Short Course – Engineering Education Australia,Melbourne, 2006.

Completion of MUSIC v3 training course, Melbourne, 2008.

Member of the Environmental Engineering Society (Institution of Engineers Australia).

Completion of Source Catchments training, Melbourne.


A. J. Francis Prize in 421-103 Engineering Statics.

Dean’s Honours List in Bachelor of Engineering (1997, 1999) and Bachelor of Science (1997).

W. M. McPherson Exhibition in 421-320 Fluid Mechanics & Applied Hydraulics (Fluid Mechanics).

Dixson Scholarship in 421-303 Mathematics for Engineers 3.

Halliburton KBR Prize in Environmental Management, 2001.


Countries of Work Experience

Australia, Lao PDR, Senegal, Tanzania, China and Papua New Guinea.


Professional History

  • 2010–Present: Principal Environmental Engineer, Earth Systems.
  • 2002–2009: Senior Environmental Engineer, Earth Systems.
  • 2000–2001: Environmental Assistant, Earth Systems.
  • 2001: Engineering Assistant, Civil & Infrastructure and Civil & Traffic Divisions, Connell Wagner.
  • 2000: Research Assistant, University of Melbourne.


Representative Experience 

Sophie has recently worked on the following projects:

  • Project manager for hydrology, sediment transport and water quality baseline studies and impact assessments for several hydropower developments.
  • Development of water management and monitoring plans for acid sulfate soils in the Lower Murray Lakes, South Australia.
  • Preparation and review of site specific Environmental Management Plans for the Nam Theun 2 hydropower project, Lao PDR.
  • Field-based coordination of specialist environmental and social studies – including hydrology, sediment transport and water quality – and assistance in preparation of ESIA for the Phu Kham Project.
  • Key contributor to federal government leading practice handbooks on “Water Management”, “Managing Acid and Metalliferous Drainage” and “Monitoring, Auditing and Evaluating Performance”.
  • Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plan for a gold mining project in Senegal.
  • Water Resource Management Plan for a large shire council, based on a detailed assessment of water consumption trends and water quality issues.
  • Development of a Rehabilitation Plan for a proposed mineral sands mining project in north-west Victoria.
  • Development of an Environmental Management Plan for a mine site in north-east Victoria.  Concept design of an anaerobic wetland for passive water treatment.
  • Technical assistance to environmental staff at several mines in Victoria, including water balance modelling, water quality monitoring and treatment.
  • Design and management of water quality and environmental monitoring program for the Nam Theun 2 hydropower project in Lao PDR.
  • Provision of technical assistance, staff training, and on site management of environmental activities at the Phu Bia Gold Project in Lao PDR.
  • Potable water substitution investigation at Federation Square, Melbourne, including a risk assessment associated with reuse of roofwater, stormwater and greywater; water balance modelling; concept design development; and economic assessment.
  • Concept design of wetlands for stormwater quality improvement in southern Tasmania.
  • Groundwater quality investigation and concept design of wetlands for treating leachate from a landfill site in southern Tasmania.
  • Geophysical surveys to identify groundwater flow pathways for a client in south-east Victoria, Australia.
  • Technical review of the Australian Water Map (2003) prepared by Earth Systems.





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